Oriental Wedding Symbol Meanings

The colour reddish is a common element in Asian wedding ceremonies, representing enjoyment, love, fortune and fortune. Is often seen in decorations, wedding attire and food. Hence, it’s not surprising that this particular color is one of the most prominent signs in Chinese wedding ceremonies and traditions.

The Dual Happiness mark is a popular Far east wedding symbol that stands with regards to love, balance, loyalty and happiness for both the bride and syrian woman soon-to-be husband. It is typically found on the couple’s banners, desk centerpieces and even printed out on their wedding invitations and red packets.

A dragon and phoenix are also two popular Chinese animal signs that symbolize strength, bravery and perception. These types of mythical animals will often be embroidered over the bride’s or groom’s clothing, or perhaps used as headpieces in the bride’s scalp.

Given it https://www.farmersonly.com/blog pertains to food, a mixture of fruits – jujube (red dates), peanuts, longans and that lotus seeds are thought to become very lucky combo and so is another common Chinese wedding symbol. The jujube fruits signifies riches and large quantity, while the peanut symbolises virility. The phrase for longan sounds like sheng which means ‘early’ so which includes it in the wedding needs the couple to have an early son!


A tea ceremony is usually performed post-wedding to show the couple’s passion towards their father and mother. This is a really touching and psychological moment for both the bride and groom because they serve tea to their parents, in-laws, relatives and friends. During this ceremony, the bride and groom will throw a red collapsible fan connected with red papers as they leave their family home.

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